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Hello! Welcome to the Wasatch Contract Manufacturing blog. Today’s message is for business owners looking for information about contract manufacturers in the Lehi area.

Q. Will outsourcing my manufacturing save me money?

A. Yes. Here are three ways:
You can save on the cost-of-capital because you will not have to pay for a manufacturing center, overhead, and the exceptionally costly equipment that is needed for operating your production.
You can also save on labor expenses such as wages, training, and benefits.
Because we are serving multiple customers, we can provide decreased expenses in acquiring raw materials because we have contracted low prices with suppliers and can buy in bulk.

Q. What are your capabilities?


Higher viscosity creams and lotions
Medium viscosity lotions and toothpastes
Lower viscosity mouth rinses and body washes
Capping, pump-placing and labeling
Tube-filling equipment (with integrated carton options)

Q. What types of certifications do you have?


FDA inspected and regulated facility and protocols
EPA and ATF registered
cGMP compliant (FDA inspection reports available on request)
Computerized inventory management (MRP, scheduling, in-process data, shipping, lot tracking, and regulatory compliance)
An unparalleled QA process
Unmatched technical skill
Comprehensive Utah and national regulatory knowledge
Financial resources and expansion capabilities to serve your growing Lehi company

Q. What types of products do you manufacture?


Gene Expression
Plant-based Stem Cell Technology
Cosmeceuticals (Skin Care)
OTC Products
Sun Protection
Liquid Nutritionals and Juices
Unique Skin Treatments (Intimacy, Sanitation, and “plumping” products)

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Wasatch has been developing and manufacturing unique products for many of the world’s leading consumer product companies since 1998. Wasatch Labs’ Core Competencies include Sanitizers and Sunscreen Formulation.

Consider Wasatch Labs when you are sourcing a secondary manufacturer in Pennsylvania for your existing products or perhaps a reliable, experienced laboratory for product development, formulation, packaging and fulfillment.

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