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Hello! Welcome to our blog. The staff at Wasatch Contract Manufacturing can give your company the advantage to successfully compete in the skin care, suncare, cosmeceutical, or juice nutritional market.

With the nonstop changes in regulations, you can count on Wasatch Contract Manufacturing to stay abreast of current regulations and maintain dutiful compliance with ATF, FDA and cGMP standards.

Let us compose a proprietary juice nutritional blend to launch your brand onto the international market. Wasatch Product Development offers skin care product concept development, formulation development, product stability assessment, and ‘scale-up’ of current formulas.

You can trust in the staff at Wasatch to produce all of your OTC skin care, hair care, or suncare blends.

Wasatch is the  innovator in the contract manufacturing industry and can launch your juice supplement product, niche anti-aging cream, or gene expression synthesis onto the global scene.

Personal Care compounds
Suncare (SPF)
Essential Oil (EO) applications
Dental Care
Anti-Aging compounds
Liquid Nutrition
Dietary Nutraceutical beverages

We also furnish nearly unlimited options for co-packing in bottles, cans, gel-packs, tubes, and jars.

About Wasatch Contract Manufacturing

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Wasatch has been developing and manufacturing unique products for many of the world’s leading consumer product companies since 1998. Wasatch Labs’ Core Competencies include Sanitation Product Development and Formulation.

Consider Wasatch Labs when you are sourcing a secondary manufacturer in Massachusetts for your existing products or perhaps a reliable, experienced laboratory for product development, formulation, packaging and fulfillment.

Wasatch Labs’ Competitive Advantages include Product Manufacturing.

Learn more about Wasatch Contract Manufacturing by visiting us online at: http://WasatchContractManufacturing.com.

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