Our Frequently Asked Questions

For direct answers, please contact: ops@wasatchcontractmanufacturing.com … or Call 801-809-7766

  1. Q: What are the first steps we need to take in order to get started?
    1. A: Here are our first few steps to get started with Wasatch:
      1. Execute an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)
      2. Fill out Credit Application (Send it to us)
      3. Fill out Tax Paper (Send it to us)
      4. Set up Consultation / Planning Conference
  2. Q: What are your regular Operating Hours?
    1. Regular Schedule:     7 AM-5 PM Monday-Thursday
    2. Office Staff:     8 AM-5 PM Monday-Friday
    3. Production Flex Time:     7 AM-7 PM
    4. Night and Graveyard Shifts:     Available upon demand
  3. Q: How many Employees do you currently have?
    1. A: 15 Office Staff, 76 Regular Employees, 5-50Temporary/On-Demand Employees.
      1. 12248 South Lone Peak Pkwy # 106, Draper, UT 84020
  4. Q: What is your current Capacity?
    1. A: 45%
  5. Q: What is the process my product must go through to be approved and off to production?
    1. A: After our initial strategy meeting, we will order raw materials and produce your lab samples. It may take 2-3 weeks for fresh raws to arrive. Your product is then developed in our Lab and submitted to you for approval (Specification and Approval Sheets are included with all samples). From start to finish, a product usually goes through an average of 3-5 customer revisions – each revision takes about a week to turn around.
      Once we have an approved formula from you, the time clock starts (6-8 weeks to receipt of finished goods).
  6. Q: What are your standard Credit Terms for a NEW client?
    1. A: 50% down prior to production and 50% prior to shipment. ~    Special arrangements are available for certain clients (pending credit approval).
  7. Q: Do established clients have ongoing, rotating Credit with you?
    1. A: Absolutely.
  8. Q: Who do I Contact when I have questions?
    1. A: Sales@WasatchContractManufacturing.com
  9. Q: What is the appropriate communication “chain of command” with Wasatch?
    1. A: First, contact Customer Service ( 801.809.7766).  Second, reach out to your Account Manager.  Third, Management is always available to answer questions ( Ops@WasatchContractManufacturing.com ).
  10. Q: Who owns the formula/formulation rights?
    1. A: If you bring us a 100% complete formula (meaning you know all the ingredients with their exact corresponding ingredient percentages), you obviously own that formula.
    2. If we must extensively re-formulate your product, we will work with you on ownership. We usually do not charge a fee for these types of revisions because we know we both are committed to one another. Thus, traditionally we do not charge for revisions knowing that you will manufacture with us. However, in some circumstances, we will come to an agreement with our clients (on formula ownership) based upon a certain number of units to be produced with us and/or over a certain time period. Ask for details.
    3. You may purchase a formula we formulate. This is done on a case-by-case basis; price negotiable.
  11. Core Competency FAQ’s
  12. Q: What makes your Skin Care Formulation(s) unique?
    1. A: We attack skin challenges from several angles by utilizing multiple, unique ingredients that: (1) Repair past damage, (2) Treat present issues, and (3) Prevent future damage from occurring.
  13. Q: Can you help us with our Label Claims and Compliance?
    1. A: No, our Quality Assurance and Quality Control Departments can help advise but our customers need to obtain legal counsel.
  14. Q: What are the most recent findings of the FDA Audits?
    1. A: To date, we have always received a “clean” status report from the FDA, meaning that we are compliant and we have no judgments. Wasatch is always improving policies and will continue to implement minor procedure corrections and documentation adjustments as suggested by the FDA as they are constantly changing. Additionally, this is public knowledge available at FDA.gov.
  15. Q: Do you produce products that are certified by the FDA?
    1. A: No. The FDA does not certify any products. However, the FDA does certify and provide licenses to approved manufacturing facilities, like Wasatch. All of our products are manufactured in an FDA-Approved, cGMP certified facility. Because we produce OTC products, we also have higher quality standards than most facilities.
  16. Q: Do you have Stock Formulas we can use?
    1. A: Yes, we have hundreds of stocks formulas; most are approximately 60% finished. We do this so we know with certainty that the base portions of the formulas are safe and stable. We work with each of our customers and offer flexibility to customize your own unique formulations. Every product is unique; no close duplicates.Using a base formula saves you time and money.
  17. Q: Do you offer 100% unique Product Development?
    1. A: Yes.
  18. Q: What do you charge for Product Development?
    1. A: Certain basic product development requires a nominal fee – check with Sales for the details. However, for more standard development projects, we charge to cover lab time and testing labor; although these services are not profit centers for us. For more involved product development we usually ask for a $2,500 retainer. A $2,500 credit will be given to you on your first order. Determination of which section of the Product Development pricing structure your company falls into is made by our Master Chemist and provided to you prior to any development beginning.
  19. Q: What should my expectations be with regards to Product Development?
    1. A: Most product development takes 4-12 weeks to complete, depending upon our customer required changes and feedback. Essentially you determine the process length. We have had customers complete product development in 18 days and others that have lasted 18 months.
  20. Q: I do not have space to store Packaging Components or Finished Goods? Can you ship some of them when needed?
    1. A: Yes. We have warehouse space available for a fee. Yes, we can ship finished bulk product to you upon request. ~    We are not a Fulfillment House though (i.e. we do not ship small individual quantities to separate addresses).
  21. Q: Can Wasatch perform Challenge Testing?
    1. A: Yes.
  22. Q: Can Wasatch grow pathogen and bacteria cultures for certain testing?
    1. A: No.
  23. Competitive Advantage FAQ’s
  24. Q: How do you compare to other laboratories (production size and facility capabilities)?
    1. A: Wasatch is a niche laboratory. We focus on helping smaller companies form their foundation and get established. We assist medium sized companies take the next growth step by refining product lines and improving quality. We work with large companies in developing and introducing new, innovative product lines. Small and medium sized customers produce 1,000,000 units or less each month.
  25. Q: How many total units, at full capacity, can you produce in a month?
    1. A: 4,500,000 (at current capacity).
  26. Q: Do you have Product Liability Insurance (PLI)?
    1. A: Yes. Wasatch has a $2,000,000 policy in place for certain “Premier Customers.” We always encourage our customers to carry their own product insurance for issues that may arise with consumption. Wasatch is responsible to produce the product correctly but not to protect you against third party law suits. Please request details and specifics from management ($2,000,000 Aggregate and $1,000,000 per occurrence).
  27. Q: What makes someone a “Premier Customer?”
    1. A: These parameters are discussed, traditionally, in our first sit down meeting.
  28. Q: Will I see a similar product to mine developed by Wasatch and sold by another company?
    1. A: Yes and No; there can be certain product similarities but all products are unique; we are a custom product lab.
  29. Q: Do you Develop, Market or Sell products similar to those of your customers?
    1. A: No, we do not compete with or against our customers.
  30. Q: What packaging options can you fill “In-House?”
    1. A: Anything from drums and jugs (Bulk) to tubes and airless containers of any size. ~    Additionally, we fill small packaging options up to a 4 cc container.
  31. Q: If we need help designing and procuring packaging, can you help us?
    1. A: Yes, we employ a Packaging Engineer, on staff, that can help with every aspect of packaging and “Master Shipper” design
  32. Q: Can you do Wipes and Single Dose Packaging in-house?
    1. A: No. We fill bulk product for these types of projects and ship that bulk to our contracted partner companies around the country for application completion.
  33. Q: What are your product core competencies?
    1. A: Anti-aging    ~    Acne    ~    Unique Skin Treatments ~    Sun Protection    ~    Oral Health    ~    Liquid Nutrition
  34. Q: What types of products don’t you do?
    1. A: This is difficult to answer because we have hundreds of different products and we do some very unique products on a weekly basis. However, we are not a perfume house. We do not make budget hotel shampoos or products with extremely high alcohol content. We are not a low-cost product developer. Companies whose final retail price point is $1.00 would not be a fit. We focus on high quality products that are genuinely effective; we focus on real result oriented products. We also like to educate our clients so they understand product cycles and procedures with raw material procurement and the packaging waiting game.
  35. Q: Do you do any animal testing or use ingredients that are tested on animals?
    1. A: No. In today’s world, that is just not necessary for the types of products we manufacture.
  36. Q: Do you help customers find placement and distribution channels for their products?
    1. A: No.
  37. Production FAQ’s
  38. Q: What are Wasatch “batch size” capabilities?
    1. A: Lab Samples:
      1. Production Scale Up #1
      2. Pilot Batches
      3. Production Scale Up #2
      4. Production Run(s) – Flexible
  39. Q: What are your “batching kettle” sizes?
    1. A: 75, 260, 500, 1,000 and 3,000 gallon.
  40. Q: What are your standard production run minimums?
    1. A: 5,000 units for most products. ~    If your product has “actives” (i.e. SPF or OTC) then minimums are 10,000.
  41. Q: What is a standard turn-around time for a project with an approved formula?
    1. A: First orders:    8 to 10 weeks (on average) ~    Repeat orders:    6 to 8 weeks (we strive to deliver sooner than that, if possible)
  42. Q: What is the standard turn-around time on label design and finished production labels?
    1. A: 2-3 weeks, on average.
  43. Q: How do our labels need to arrive at Wasatch?
    1. A: #4 WIND (we prefer not paper labels but vinyl or primax material)
  44. Q: What happens to my finished-goods delivery-time-line when the formula is altered?
    1. A: The 6-8 week turnaround time is reset each time changes are made to the formula because the new formula now needs to be retested, re-verified and product stability re-established.
  45. Q: What is the average turnaround time for packaging to arrive?
    1. A: This depends on what packaging option(s) you prefer. We have many options in our stock; if this is what you choose, there will be no delays. Should you choose to have customized packaging, decisions about this should be made promptly. This is often the biggest delay in the process.  On average, packaging takes 8 weeks.  However, we have seen time lines of up to 16 weeks.
  46. Q: When you say your materials are USP Grade, what does that mean?
    1. A: The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) is the official public standards-setting authority for all prescription and over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements, and other health-care products manufactured in the United States. The USP conducts verification programs for dietary supplement ingredients and products. These programs involve independent testing and review to verify ingredient and product integrity, purity, and potency for manufacturers who choose to participate. For more information, visit their website at www.usp.org.
  47. Q: How soon after production will my product(s) be shipped?
    1. A: Wasatch standard QA/QC time-line is as follows: Immediately after a production run, samples are taken and sent to be tested. There is a 5-day quarantine on all finished goods because it takes that long to confirm all test results. After all testing comes back within specifications, we ship your product to you. You can, however, sign a waiver and have your product shipped under a “deviation” status. This means that immediately after products are produced they can be shipped. When products are shipped under “deviation,” the client accepts all quality responsibility and releases Wasatch from any liability. When we ship under deviation, as your partner, we will advise you as to the risk level on a case by case scenario.
  48. Q: What happens if my product is “bad?”
    1. A: Wasatch stands behind our products 100% and will insure your satisfaction. When a “deviation” waiver has been signed there are some special considerations. However, we always work with our customers because our reputation in the industry and our customer relationships mean everything to us.
  49. Pricing FAQ’s
  50. Q: Is there a manufacturing “Setup Fee” in addition to the prices we will receive?
    1. A: No, price quotes include all manufacturing setup fees.  However, there may be certain circumstances where multiple product runs (instead of one larger product run) may incur additional costs.
  51. Q: What is the cost of a Minimum Production Run?
    1. A: Our standard minimum order is 5000 units but certain circumstances do arise and we will work with you.
  52. Q: Do I need to put money down for Development Costs?
    1. A: It depends; for simple formulation adjustments – no. If we have concerns about it, we will address it with you.
  53. Q: What do you charge for Product Development?
    1. A: Basic product development is FREE. For more standard development projects, we charge $100 per hour. For more involved product development we usually ask for a $2,500 retainer. A $2,500 credit will be given to you on your first order. Determination of which section of the Product Development pricing structure your company falls into is made by our Master Chemist and provided to you prior to any development beginning.
  54. Q: How do you charge for storage?
    1. A: Traditionally, we do not charge for storage of Raw Materials, Packaging Components or Finished Goods. ~    Circumstances may arise and we will address those charges with you ahead of time (i.e. long term storage).
  55. Q: How much could our Packaging Cost us?
    1. A: On small orders, packaging could be 60-70% of your total cost of Finished Goods (depending on your choices). ~    On medium sized orders, packaging could be 50-60% of Finished Goods (depending on your choices). ~    On large orders, packaging could be 40-50% of Finished Goods (it all depends on your choices). ~    Packaging options provide an incredible range of choices: From under $1.00 to $8.00 per unit.
  56. Q: How much does Packaging Engineering cost.
    1. A: We do not charge for packaging engineering – it is included in our services when you purchase through us.
  57. Q: What costs are involved with getting Labels created?
    1. A: We do not design labels but we can make a few suggestions, if you like. However, from start to finish, you should expect to pay approximately $60.00 per hour for label design. One thing you ought to be aware of is that when the labels are printed, one of the charges that you will notice on your bill is a “plate charge.” This is a one-time fee, and one plate is needed for each color used on your label. Each plate costs approximately $50. This plate fee is subject to change by the printer. The only time you will ever need to pay for new plates is if you make any changes to the label in between production runs.
  58. Q:What Percentage of your customers market to “high end” consumers?
    1. A: Good question!
      1. 41% of our customers compete in the “High End” Market ($80.00 to $195.00 per unit).
      2. 34% of our customers compete in the “Medium Range” Market (up to $75.00 per unit).
      3. 25% of our customers compete in the “Consumer” Market (Between $10.00 and $40.00 per unit).
  59. Q: What are their average Retail Price Points?
    1. A: Smart question!
      1. High End: $95.00 per unit
      2. Medium Range: $65.00 per unit
      3. Low End: $25.00 per unit
  60. FAQ’s for Hard Core info-maniacs
  61. Q: Does Wasatch have third-party GMP certification?
    1. A: Wasatch is not certified by the Natural Products Association (NPA), NSF International or the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP). We do not feel it is necessary to have this type of certification because we are licensed and regulated by the FDA and UT-DA, and inspected at least annually by both. Wasatch is cGMP compliant and we have an alcohol license and are monitored by the ATF.
  62. Q: What sets Wasatch apart from the myriad of manufacturers available?
    1. A: Experience. We look out for you, we know where “pot holes” can arise and we proactively troubleshoot for you. For example, some customer supplied components may save you time and money on the front end but could cause extreme delays on the back end. If you are planning to provide us with Raw Materials or Packaging Components which you procure, be sure to let us know so we can verify compatibility.
  63. Q: Why should we have confidence in Wasatch?
    1. A: As part of our full service philosophy, Wasatch offers expert legal counsel to review your product labels and product packaging. Our professional counsel specializes in the nutritional, supplement and cosmetic industries to assure full FDA compliance for your new products. We minimize your liability and maximize your success. Wasatch offers a variety of turn-key product manufacturing services and liquid supplement solutions designed to protect your manufacturing investment. For example, in this litigious society, we encourage all customers to conduct a valid Shelf Life Study to determine an appropriate expiration date for their product. Wasatch offers full-service, valid Shelf Life analysis.
  64. Q: Who regulates the liquid nutritional supplement industry?
    1. A: Unlike what the pharmaceutical industry and some news media would have you believe, the liquid nutritional supplement industry is indeed regulated and inspected by various governmental agencies. Wasatch is regulated and inspected by the following organizations:
  65. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ~    The Utah Department of Agriculture (UT-DA) ~    Utah Department of Natural Resources (UDNR)
  66. Q: Do products have a longer shelf life if they are unopened?
    1. A: No, the shelf life is the same.
  67. Q: What is the shelf life of your products?
    1. A: The shelf life on most products is between 11⁄2 and 2 years. However, this guideline should not be viewed as an “expiration date” since most products are engineered to last much longer than identified and thus should still be considered effective. We can get longer expiration’s with our in-house live testing or “actual time” testing. Ask us how to protect your product investment this way.
  68. Q: How many times would my products’ quality standards be tested with Wasatch
    1. A: At least 6 times.  We perform a 2-day quality quarantine on all incoming Raw Materials. We also will QA/QC the product in the production kettle prior to filling it in final packaging. Additionally, during the filling process, we pull beginning, middle and end samples and test them. Finally, we test random finished goods to ensure quality.

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